ya-shoot-2-6-15-1013342“Advice from my Neighborhood” is a series of letters written and answered by Kansas City urban youth. Modeled after “Dear Abby” and “Dear Ann Landers,” youth give peer advice to real-life questions written by anonymous teens.

Letters can be emailed to Youth Ambassadors at youthambassadorskc@gmail.com.


About Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors, established in 2010, is an educational, not-for-profit employment program designed to empower underserved youth with the knowledge that they as teenagers have a vital voice. They have the power to be active participants in their communities, not just passive observers. To this end, we have developed programs that provide our youth with important life skills, soft job skills, creative expression, and academic success, helping them become future community leaders willing and able to work for positive change.

For more information, please visit our website www.youthambassadorskc.org, or contact us at youthambassadorskc@gmail.com.