Don’t Know How to Help

Don’t Know How to Help

Dear Youth Ambassadors,
My best friend is doing drugs, smoking and drinking. My friend is trying to get me to use drugs, and I refuse. I try to get my friend to stop, but my friend won’t listen and is starting to act violent. I need help. What should I do?

Don’t Know How to Help

Dear Don’t Know How to Help,
Honestly, a real friend wouldn’t do things like pressuring you into doing drugs. You probably feel like you know them, and they can improve, and that might be true…but it can start with you. If you continue to be friends with someone who is pressuring you to do things, you might actually get fed up and do it. I think you should be completely honest with them and tell them that you cannot see them go down the path they are going, because you care, and then just step back. Don’t judge them nor ditch them but step back, save yourself first…and pray.
Fellow Youth Ambassador

Dear Don’t Know How to Help
Peer pressure is something else, isn’t it? Well, I would say keep saying “no” to your friend. If he or she is your true friend, he will begin the process of quitting, because he sees you not starting. Don’t stress him out about drugs. Soon he’ll realize that he’s damaging himself and wants to quit. Keep being a good role model and friend and continue to say no to his bad habits.
A Friend Who Cares

Dear Don’t Know How to Help,
First I would like to give you a thumbs up for refusing to participate in bad choices and substance abuse. This is a tough thing to consider, because this is your best friend. I feel that if he was really your ‘best friend” he wouldn’t pressure you to do things that would hurt you.Your friend needs HELP. Try helping him without getting him in trouble with his parents. Your friend is starting to act violent you say. Is he acting violent towards you? You shouldn’t put up with this, because you sound like a good person. I think you should remain being friends, because that’s what he really needs right now – a friend. He probably feels alone, and that’s why he is using substances. Just ask an older but advice-giving person for medical and therapy help, like a counselor or favorite teacher. Stay strong and firm in your decision to not participate in these activities. If your best friend is doing these things and doesn’t respect your say in the situation then you’ll have to step back and let him face the consequences of his actions. Even though it’ll be hard to do, you have to face that it’s his body, and he’ll do whatever he wants.
Your Friend


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